Join $Ressy NOW on Solana – the first ever Penguin Meta on Solana! 

About Ressy

$Ressy token, led by the visionary penguin Ressy, is not your average crypto—it’s a frosty revolution! This unique crypto experience goes beyond the ordinary, inviting you to join the Chill Colony, where the power of memes meets the thrill of crypto and collide in a glacier of possibilities. Join the movement where every trade feels like a victory and every HODL a heroic act! With Ressy steering the way, dive into the coolest crypto adventure and embrace the frosty fun! ❄️🚀



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Step 1

  • Launch on
  • Reach King of the Hill
  • Pay for Dexscreener at 20k Marketcap

Step 2

  • Launch on Raydium
  • 1 Million Marketcap
  • Chill Vibes and HODL

Step 3

  • $RESSY reaches 2000+ holders
  • 10 Million Marketcap

How To Buy

Step 1

Download and install a wallet like Phantom on your browser, or if on mobile from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2

$RESSY lives on the Solana blockchain so you need SOL to buy. You can purchase SOL inside most $RESSY friendly wallets or deposit from an exchange.

Step 3

Go to and connect your wallet. Search for RESSY on the search bar or paste the $RESSY contract into the top box and click ‘I understand’.

Step 4

Enter how much SOL you want to buy with in the top box. Then click swap and then confirm when your wallet pops up. Easy!

Disclaimer: This coin doesn’t hold any real value, practical utility or promise of financial gain. It lacks a defined plan for development. $RESSY is solely intended for amusement purposes.


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